A credit technology company delivering intelligence and automation solutions

We increase the trust between lenders and borrowers, creating a better credit experience.

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Discover our modular solutions

Our solutions support lenders across the entire credit value chain, leveraging millions of data points to uncover real-time intelligence and automation.

Acqusition & Underwriting

Improve your acceptance rate and reduce your credit risk through an automated and intelligent borrower acquisition. Take your lending to the next level.

Portfolio Management

Identify contextual and behavioural features of existing portfolios, using early warnings to improve cross selling of new products and top up on existing ones.

Collection & Recovery

Put people first through a consumer-centric approach to debt collections. We free up resources as well as create value through your process optimisation.

Fraud Detection

Streamline good customers and transactions and detect fraud attacks in real time, using the instant decisions from our machine-learning models.

Compliance & Regulatory

Manage cross-industry and industry-focused regulations. Our solutions improve your control effectiveness and help ensure timely issue remediation. 

Customer Tailored Solutions

Discover what we can do for you. If you have a specific challenge, please connect with us and we will evaluate the best way to serve your needs.

How it Works

Next Generation Technology

We embed AI capabilities in our solutions to deliver intelligent and automated technologies. From machine learning, to natural language processing, to forecasting and optimization, our AI technologies support diverse deployment strategies and scale to meet changing business needs.

Digital Footprints

By 2020, more than seven billion people and businesses will be connected to the Internet through more than 50 billion devices. With people, businesses and things communicating, transacting, and even negotiating with each other, a new paradigm comes into being - the Data Economy.

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Human Science

Our algorithms thus go beyond the traditional, mono-disciplinary approach in understanding human behaviors. They area genuinely interdisciplinary solution that combines decision science, psychology, anthropology and sociology in all their different facets.

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Artificial Intelligence

For the first time in our history, it is possible for machines to learn from experience and penetrate the complexity of data to identify associations. natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence have moved from experimental concepts to potential business disruptors.

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Our results speak for themselves

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The Fairtile Team

We are a group of people from the worlds of Financial Services, Information Management and Data Science who have realized that unlocking the value of data can make the credit experience fairer for both lenders and borrowers.
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What is coming next

Future borrower services that we are working on

1.7 billion of the world’s adult population is still unbanked according to the World Bank. They urgently need new solutions to be financially included. At the same time, the growing number of digital natives have lifestyles and needs that require new business models. The solution to both challenges is to make use of the power of all data being generated by the connected society.

Your social network for credit

Expecto is the first social network for credit, helping borrowers proactively build their creditworthiness to access or get better rates and Credit. Our platform is empowering, inclusive, disruptive and human centric.

Your digital ipseity application

Dipseity makes it easy to connect the data from the apps and services you already use and monetize them within a transactional system to access products and services, obtain better conditions, get discounts and much more.

The virtual assistant for debt

People fall behind on bills sometimes, but we don't think that should affect how they're treated. Debbie is a virtual assistant that provides you with the best debt counseling service to reduce debt through debt management programs.

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